Create a new page titled "674 Reflections on your wiki. Cut and paste the following questions and answer them on your wiki. Please view other student's response to question 3. You do not need to respond to anyone else's reflections.

Reflection 1: 21st Century Learning (10 pts.)

What do you know about using technology with students? What do you want to know about using technology with students?

Reflection 2 (10 pts.)

Find a TeacherTube/YouTube video that you could use for instructional purposes and copy and paste the address of the video for others to view. Explain how you would use this with your students.
Please find a video that you have not yet used before in your classroom. NOTE: Since there are so many videos to choose from, please avoid any repeats. View two other students’ videos.

Reflection 3 (10 pts.)

To complete the KWHL- what have you learned from the readings, activities and discussions from this course about using technology with your students?