EDT 674: Learning with Technology - Effective Strategies

Introductions, course overview, and expectations.

Web 2.0 how-to guide for educators (textbook) by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum

Activity: 21st Century Learners

21st Century Skills: How are we going to make a change?
  • Now look at the list of Essential 21st Century Skills.
  • Create a Brainstorming Web in Bubbl.us/Inspiration of how you would address the 11 essential skills by grade level. (Elementary, Middle School, High School)
    • Learning and Innovation Skills
      • Creativity and Innovation
      • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
      • Communication and Collaborations
    • Information, Media, and Technology Skills
      • Information Literacy
      • Media Literacy
      • ICT Literacy
    • Life and Career Skills
      • Flexibility and Adaptability
      • Initiative and Self-Direction
      • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
      • Productivity and Accountability
      • Leadership and Responsibility
  • external image pdf.png P21_Framework_Definitions.pdf
  • external image pdf.png P21_Framework.pdf

Activity: Chapter Summary

Activity: Web 2.0

(Additional activities can be found in Chapters 10 and 11)

  • Voki - more information found on page 224
  • Blabberize - more information found on page 252 in text
  • Skrbl - more information found on page 209 in text
  • Wordle - more information found on page 235 in text
  • Animoto - more information found on page 253 in text
  • Webspiration - more information found on page 227 in text
  • Live Binders

Activity: Project Based Learning

  • Visit the following website for the Buck Institute for Education and click on the link, "PBL Do It Yourself." Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Let's Get Started" and follow the directions to create a new (free) account. Then you will find many great resources and articles that will help you as you begin to make your own PBL project for your classroom.
  • Buck Institute for Education- Project Based Learning Videos and knowledge are shared on this website about the value of projected based learning.

Videos about Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning websites

Apple's Challenge Based Learning resources

  • Challenge Based Learning white paper:This guide will walk you through the basics of Challenge Based Learning and also provides some examples. external image pdf.png Apple-ChallengedBasedLearning-1.pdf
  • New Media Consortium Research Report: Discusses the values and experiences of Challenge Based Learning for the student and the teacher.external image pdf.png Apple Challenge-Based Learning - An Approach for Our Time-1.pdf
  • Challenge Based Learning Classroom Guide: A step by step guide to creating an effective challenge based learning experience in your classroom. It includes some resources you could use for your own PBL.

external image pdf.png Apple CBL_Classroom_Guide_Jan_2011-1.pdf

PBL Template:

PBL Rubric: